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LSE Tuition Assistance

The main focus of Learning Starts Early is to provide tuition assistance for eligible prekindergarten children to attend high-quality independent preschools in Fauquier County. During the 2019-2020 school year, LSE provided tuition assistance to two children for a total expenditure of $12,313.00 in that program. 


In developing our 2020 budget, the LSE Board earmarked funds to provide preschool tuition assistance to three qualified four-year-olds whose families are in the low-moderate income bracket, based on the Virginia Preschool Initiative’s formula of 200% of the federal poverty index or who have other identified educational risk factors.  More information about the Virginia Preschool Initiative eligibility guidelines can be found here.  LSE works with Fauquier County Public Schools to identify students who are on the VPI waitlist.  The VPI Supervisor contacts parents to inform them of their eligibility to apply for tuition assistance from LSE.  Parents choose the program that best meets their family’s needs and then LSE provides tuition assistance at 95% of the annual tuition.


Our vision is to grow our tuition assistance program and community outreach through developing relationships with community organizations, volunteers, and individual donors in order to encourage them to increase their support. 

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