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Other ways to give to LSE after Give Local

Thank you to the generosity of those who gave during Give Local this past week. If you missed this online event there are still several ways you can show us your support. Learn More:

- Follow us on Facebook. By following our page and interacting with our posts we will be able to engage with the community at large allowing to share our resources and opportunities in a timely manner.

- Donate through our Paypal. Help us reach our mission of providing every opportunity we can grant to our communities children, so they may succeed in school and in the workforce

- Volunteer: If you would like to become a Reading Buddy, please complete the volunteer following form.

- When you shop on Amazon! Amazon donates a portion of your purchases to your chosen charity (at no cost to you)! Just select them as your charity by shopping through Amazon Smiles. Please consider selecting Learning Starts Early. We are committed to supporting early childhood education in Fauquier County. Learn more about Amazon Smiles at


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