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Teachable Moments With Your Child On How to Use Their Words

Look for opportunities to demonstrate how words can be used in various situations.

Here are three specific examples:

1. If your child grabs something from another child, go to your son or daughter, gently give the toy back, and tell your child, "If you want to see the toy, you should ask, "Can I see your toy?" On a good day, the other child will be willing to share. If not, help your child understand that the toy belongs to that child-then help your preschooler find something else to play with.

2. If you see someone bothering your child or taking a toy away, go to your child and model what he/she might say, "Please stop doing that." Hopefully, the other child will understand and stop. If not, redirect your little one to play with someone else.

3. Encourage your child to express him/herself. For example, if your child seems to really like another child's shirt, you can help him/her say, "I like your Ninja Turtle shirt."

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